DLR@UNI Braunschweig - Forschungsprojekt SuLaDI

Supercooled Large Droplets Icing

The SuLaDI project is the key project of the DLR@Uni initiative in Braunschweig. The overall project theme is basic research on aircraft icing with special focus on the processes involved in the contamination of so-called "Supercooled Large Droplets" (SLDs). Thus, supercooled water droplets are designated with a diameter greater than 50 microns, which may occur in the atmosphere under certain weather conditions. This is of particular importance since some accidents happend due to icing within these conditions and there is currently no demand for a security clearance for the flight under such conditions by the certification requirements. By now, the aviation authorities are working on an extension of the certification requirements to also consider SLDs. The SLD research is also of huge interestfor the aircraft industry.

SuLaDI considers the problem of aircraft icing with different approaches and is therefore divided into four main work packages, where comparable institutes of TU Braunschweig and DLR are working together. In total, 8 different institutes are involved, 4 of each research facility. Between the main work packages, there are cross-connections that also result in a cooperation of institutes of different fileds. The project SuLaDI is funded by the Helmholtz Association and is based on the research network "Campus Research Airport" in Braunschweig. Thus it provides an important contribution to the DLR@UNI goal of an even closer institutional cooperation of universities and DLR.


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